Deep Tissue Massage for Relaxation – Tips from Mal Weeraratne:

  1. Purpose of a massage is to relax, detox, tone, energise and heal the body
  2. It is important to treat the whole body holistically as every body part is connected to one another.
  3. Some times the cause of the problem could be well away from the area of the symptom, and its best to treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptom
  4. Body is made of 4 areas as follows
    1. Pleasure areas
    2. Emotional areas
    3. Pain areas
    4. Numb areas
  5. When we were born most body areas were made of Pleasure areas. Due to events that have taken place in our lives, some of the Pleasure areas have turned into Emotional areas.
  6. If you have not done anything to deal with your Emotional body, the body will communicate to you by making such Emotional areas into Pain areas. Most of the time this is the reason you think of going for a massage. Symptoms such as head, shoulder, neck, lower back and whole body aches are very common reasons for a massage
  7. If you don’t address body aches at this stage, body will then make such areas go numb. This is the body natural way of dealing with physical pain. The down fall of this is that you lose pleasure sensations from the body as well as pain, by shutting down.
  8. At this stage you may feel no physical pain, but due to shutting down your body, it may block your natural energy flow that promotes healing. This may lead to dis-ease, illness, dysfunctions etc
  9. It is possible to revere the numb body into a pleasurable body through massage. But you may need to go through the pain and emotions that has been there for decades.
  10. Advantage of a pleasurable body is that it will enable you to deal with stress, illness and dysfunctions etc with the natural positive energy flow which can repair your body naturally and continuously
  11. During a massage, it is important to breath deep to eliminate both physical and emotional toxins from the body and to promote relaxation and healing
  12. Drinking a glass of water before and after the massage is recommended to promote detox.
  13. Deep tissue massages are most popular form of massage for relaxation and healing
  14. It is not recommended to consume alcohol, drugs (unless prescribed by a medical practitioner) etc before and after a massage as it will suppress the emotional release.
  15. After a deep emotional release massage its best to find a peaceful, positive, tranquil environment to be in, to allow you to process long held emotions in the body cellular memory

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